Tend the Garden Day, Sept. 14: Late Summer Cleanup

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In addition to 40 raised beds, Hansberry Garden has a lot of lovely green space that members hold in common and share with the community at public events. This common space is maintained entirely by volunteers. Garden members do some of the work individually, and we also meet once a month to take on special projects and routine tasks. There are tasks suitable for those who can handle heavy lifting, but also tasks that don’t require a strong back. Neighbors and friends are welcome to lend a hand at these Tend the Garden Days — feel free to stop by! From 9 a.m. to noon, we’ll be weeding, digging, mowing, trimming , cleaning and organizing.

Garden members are required to participate in at least three Tend the Garden Days per season. Only three remain, so if you are a member and you haven’t made it to any of theses events yet, please make sure your name’s on the sign-in sheet this Saturday. You need not commit to the whole three-hour stretch to participate; we can easily find something for you to do for an hour! If you’re not quite up to digging, we can assign a less-physical task. Neighbors and friends are also welcome to stop by and lend a hand. Folks who stop by the following week for our potluck dinner or Open Air Open Mic series will surely appreciate your work.