Give to Hansberry Garden and Nature Center

“You don’t have a garden just for yourself. You have it to share.”

Those words are a perfect expression of Hansberry Garden’s mission in Germantown. Our desire to share extends beyond the garden’s borders and into our neighborhood.

Your donations allowed us to give over 200 pounds of organic produce to local food cupboards. It’s with your help that we were able to provide over 40 pounds of locally grown produce at little or no cost to our neighbors.

Donate now to ensure that we’re able to continue to share knowledge, local and affordable organic produce, and an appreciation for the natural world with our neighborhood and our local elementary school, John B. Kelly.

Hansberry offers planting beds for neighbors to grow their own fresh organic food, promoting diversity of our neighborhood to gather and build a stronger community.

Your support is incredibly important to our continued work in Germantown. Please, help sustain this urban green space by donating online, through PayPal or with a credit card..