Volunteers Welcome at May 6 Tend the Garden Day

We want our garden to look its best for our Plant Fair and Bake Sale next week, so we’ll be out digging, weeding, whacking, and neatening at Tend the Garden Day on Saturday.

Volunteers are always welcome at Tend the Garden Days! They are usually on the second Saturday of each month, but May’s falls a week early because the garden will be occupied by the event next week.

Weavers Way Working Members Can Earn Work Credit for Volunteering at HGNC

Weavers Way Food Coop, the member-owned cooperative grocery store that will soon open a location in Germantown, has many members in our neighborhood. As part of its mission to strengthen its community, the Coop has established partnerships with neighborhood organizations, including Hansberry Garden. That means that working members of Weavers Way can earn work hours by volunteering at Hansberry Garden. To get credit for hours spent at HGNC, use our online hour-reporting form (you’ll find the URL at Tend the Garden Day), and we’ll submit hours to the Weavers Way Membership Manager at the end of the month.