“Big Dig” Scheduled for Oct. 13

This report from the HGNC Land Use Master Plan committee was emailed to members on Sept. 9, 2016.

Hello HGNC stalwarts!

A report from the Land Use Master Plan (LUMP) committee that is probably long overdue:

The LUMP committee has been meeting for years (literally!) trying to develop ideas for the best use of our beautiful garden space. Hopefully, most of you have seen the model which friends and architects Martha Anez and Gary Crowell have voluntarily put together as a result of our conversations.

Last year we presented a proposal to actually begin implementing the plan for everyone to review and finally THIS YEAR, we’re ready to go with Phase I! So here are the basics:

  • We are hiring Ramon Toledo to build a retaining wall along the far side of the garden (nearest the our Wayne Ave. neighbors’ property line on the “south” side toward Manheim St.). This will make possible leveling the area that now slopes toward the Ortiz’s house. (Yes, HGNC is doing its part in leveling the playing field!)
  • It will be a gravel-based platform on which we can put our tool shed, a deck for a work area (WITH WATER AND A WASHING SINK!) and a green house. (yay!)
  • The initial work will begin in the next week or so with some of the weed trees along that side of the garden being cut down. (We still have to move the little peach tree and save a few other plants, but most of it is weeds.)
  • Ramon has us scheduled for the week of Oct 13th for the “Big Dig.” He will be using a bobcat and a number of smaller tools, so please be respectful of what he may have in the garden during that week. He will use the new gate on Wayne Ave for access, so there should not be other disruption to the garden space, except for a narrow trench to connect the current water outlet to a new one on the far side of the garden. This will cause a minor disruption of the lawn area.

If you’ve got questions or new concerns, please let us know. We are excited to be moving forward with this plan, finally. Completing this will make possible improving the “grotto” space which is now so full of weeds, only the bees can enjoy it!

Enjoy the rest of the summer-like weather.

Dennis and Kathy
for the LUMP Committee