2023 Collective Planting Chart

Map opf HGNC Garden beds

Notes on Beds (sorted by Row Number)

  • B2: : Update 8/8 –The rest of the cabbage is out. Romesco Cauliflower and Bok Choi (PHS transplants) 8/6. Lettuce is out, a few turnips are still in. Previous updates: Seeds- Hakurei turnips and mixed lettuces, planted end of May. (We planted golden acre cabbage early in season)
  • C2: Update 8/8 –Cilantro seeds harvested7/23, replanted, sprouted 8/5. Previous updates:Seeds -Climbing Beans (Willowleaf Lima, Christmas Lima, Sea Island Red peas) and some bush beans, planted end of May.
  • D2: Update 8/8–Mustard bolted, collards and kale continuing. Cilantro has been harvestable for a few weeks? Dill is harvestable (but scanty). Mustard, kale, collards need continual harvest now. Hakurei turnips and Napa cabbage harvested. Dill seedlings transplanted to turnip area and cilantro planted end of May.
  • D3: Update 8/8 — Bed emptied 8/6. Will be replanted with same. Previous updates:Beet and carrot seeds, planted 4/5/2023
  • D4: Update 8/8 — Harvest started in June. Marketmore (?) very heavy producer. Salt and pepper overwhelmed. Angular leaf spot started two or three weeks ago in C5. All cukes affected, but, a mitigated some by Regalia sprays. Pickelbush cukes especially vulnerable (maybe because less established). Collards continue. Marigolds and calendula only recently visible. Previous updates –Cucumbers –On trellis: Marketmore, Salt & Pepper, mystery variety from city harvest (maybe Cool Cucumber). On west side: seeds planted end of May – calendula, Picklebush cukes. On east side, collards “Old Timey Blue, transplanted May 12) and marigold seeds (end of May). Collards are ready for continual harvest.
  • C5: Update 8/8 — Straight 8 has angular leaf spot, but seems to be survivng. Kognut squash doing well. Pattypan squash in center overwhelmed. Previous updates: Peas are ready for harvest (just a few, best as snacks). Straight 8 cucumbers planted end of May on west side. Kognut squash seeds planted end of May on east end.
  • D5: Update 8/8 — Favas lasted until mid-June. Armenian cuke did well, until angular leaf spot showed up. One watermelon ready for harvest, two or three more on the way. Previous updates: Fava beans ready to start harvest, lettuce ready for continual harvest. Trellis: One Armenian cuke plant, plus seeds planted 6/4. Mini love watermelon in center of bed (from city harvest — compact).
  • D7: Update 8/8 –No change. All peppers have been producing since mid- or late- July. World Beaters are very small peppers on a small plant. Aji Dulce seems to be an ubatuba. Several needed much more staking after rain (cage next year?). Tall Peppers (Aji Limo, Aji Chinchi Amarillo, Aleppo, Ubatuba Cambuci) and eggplants (Intore Garden Egg, Black Beauty, and one more) – Transplanted May 14
  • D8: Update 8/8 –Same as D7. Short peppers (Shishito, Lipstick, World Beater Bell, Balik, Aji Dulce, Poblano) and eggplants (Asian white, Asian magenta or purple) -Transplanted May 14.
  • B9: Update 8/8 — all beans producing (but not heavily). All lettuce and other greens removed. Lettuce, Mesclun salad greens, spinach – ready for continual harvest. On trellis: Kentucky Wonder, “Lazy Wife” Greasy beans, Shackamaxon beans. Surrounding: Provider and yellow wax bush beans. Planted around end of May.
  • C1: Update 8/8 –Yellow straightneck producing like crazy. Cocozelli producing, but not as much. Summer Squash. Four plants transplanted May 14. Not doing well, so two more planted June 4.
  • A12: Update 8/8 –Lettuce gone. Planted nine okra. Two are overshadowed by the others. Okra harvest started two weeks ago (?). Light so far. Perennial arugula and Spotted Aleppo lettuce ready for continual harvest. Might be some mache between garlics. Starting to plant: Three okra plants planted June 2. Sweet potato slips planted June 4. Garlic needs to go this week to make room for more okra.
  • B12: Update 8/8 –. Harvest started later than C12, but less stressed. Planted blue beech, sungold cheery, paul robeson, cherokee purple, purple calabash, gin fizz, green zebra, “creole,’ two tomatillos. Tomatillos just started producing enough to use. Previous Update: Tomatoes, planted April 23. A mixture of compost and biochar was dug in on April 9. Bed planted
  • C12: Update 8/8 –Harvest started at end of June. Planted two brad’s atomic grape, two brandy boy, two blue beech, two san marzano, one paul robeson, one cherokee purple. Lots of early blight and drought stress by July. Two plants died (one brad’s atomic grape, and one unidentified slicer. One san marzano produced small, round, slightly bitter tomatoes. Previous update: Tomatoes, planted April 16. Compost has been added to this bed, and Walls-o-Water season extenders were placed on April 9.
  • D12: Update 8/8 — Basil did poorly. Parsley bolted. Tarragon good, Balik small but good, purslane awesome, amaranth transfered to D3 to draw cucumber beetles. Herbs and a small Balik pepper plant. Red amaranth and purslane volunteers.