Collective Planting Chart

Map opf HGNC Garden beds

Notes on Beds (sorted by Row Number)

  • B2: Early cabbage, planted April 16. PROPOSED: Beans
  • C2: To be cleared of last year’s plants. PROPOSED: Chile peppers
  • D2: Mustard, kale, collards, Napa cabbage seedlings; hakurei turnip seeds, all planted 4/2/2023
  • D3: Beet and carrot seeds, planted 4/5/2023
  • D4: PROPOSED: Collards
  • C5: Peas, radishes, planted late March 2023. PROPOSED: Cucumbers, when early crops are harvested
  • D5: Fava beans, lettuce, planted early March 2023. Proposed: Cucumbers, when early crops are harvested, and lettuce continuing through summer on shady side of bed
  • D7: PROPOSED: Peppers, eggplants
  • D8 PROPOSED: Squash
  • B9: Lettuce, Mesclun salad greens, spinach, radishes. After spring crops:
  • C1: PROPOSED: Squash
  • A12: Perennial arugula and garlic from last year, to be harvested in June, plus lettuce and shallots PROPOSED: okra and sweet potatoes, after garlic harvest.
  • B12: Tomatoes, planted April 23. A mixture of compost and biochar was dug in on April 9. Bed planted
  • C12: Tomatoes, planted April 16. Compost has been added to this bed, and Walls-o-Water season extenders were placed on April 9.
  • D12: Herbs and a small hot pepper plant.