Collective Planting Chart

2024 Notes on Beds (sorted by Row Number)

  • A2: Three-heart lettuce, mesclun, French breakfast radishes planted 3/26
  • B2: (update 4/7) Red lettuce, green onions and walking onions (update 3/24) Brassicas and walking onions that wintered over from last year
  • C2: (updated 4/16): cleared and planted with carrots and beets. (update 3/24) Contains some cilantro that has replanted itself from last year
  • D2: (update 3/24) Collards and kale that wintered over from last year
  • D3: (update 3/29) Fertilized and planted with broccoli rabe, spinach, hakurei turnips
  • D4: update 4/14: Cleared, tomato trellus erected.  (update 3/24) Old-Timey Blue collards and lettuce that wintered over from last year
  • A5: Updated 4/21: Old Timey Blue and Green Glaze Collards, Willem’s Blauwe Groninger Kale planted. Bed is now fully planted out. Updated 4/16: bok choy planted.  Updated 4/14: collards shady side, napa cabbage sunny side.
  • B5: cleared
  • C5: Updated 4/21: Bear Creek, Goldie, Blue Bear Creek, Brandy Boy, and Paul Robeson tomatoes planted. (update 4/7)Compost added, 8 Walls o’water set up for tomatoes. Beans to be planted by trellis. (update 3/24) Cover crop
  • D5: updated 4/14: cleared. Beans to be planted here. (update 3/24) Some lettuce that wintered over and radishes
  • D7:Updated 4/21: lettuce seed planted. (update 3/24) Peas and garbanzo beans, planted March 8
  • B11: (update 3/24) Garlic, planted last year, harvest expected early June, and French breakfast radishes, harvest expected by May
  • C11: (update 3/24) Fava beans, planted last November, harvest expected in June, and red mustard that overwintered
  • D11: (update 3/24) Thyme, tarragon, and parsley that overwintered
  • A12: Updated 4/21: Mattina and Fiaschetto tomatoes planted. One more fiaschetto to be planted. Radish seeds planted. (updated 4/7) compost added, 6 walls o’ water set up for tomatoes. Two ají peppers to be planted here (update 3/24) Arugula that overwintered
  • B12: (update 3/24) This bed needs maintenance and will be replaced by experimental concrete planks, probably in June. Can be planted with fast-maturing spring crops.
  • C12:
  • D12: