photo: Waterfall in creek

Water Workshop

Your Philadelphia water depends on your watershed, the natural and urban water cycle and your treatment plant. This workshop will cover these topics and explain how the Senior Environment Corps tests water quality in Philadelphia.

photo: urban garden

Land Access Workshop

The Land Access Workshop will teach participants how to gain legal access to land for gardens and farms and and introduce them to resources that can support their projects.

photo: hands holding soil. Image courtesy Pat Dumas via Creative Commons

Soil Safety Workshop

At the Soil Safety Workshop, the Farm Philly program’s Jasmine Hamilton will educate participants about the risk of pollutants in urban soil, the best practices for gardening safely and what resources exist to support their projects.

photo:two women gardening

Workshop Offers Hints for Successful Gardening

Expert gardener and longtime Hansberry Garden member Janet Peterman will offer a primer for urban gardeners, drawing on years of experience to outline the practices that have allowed her and other HGNC members to make bountiful donations to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s City Harvest program year after year.

Photo of Aquilegia vulgaris by Peter Rühr from Wikimedia Commons.

Why Buy Native Plants?

Native plants in your little back yard, surrounded by alleys, sidewalks, and cars, are vital fuel-supply lines to the larger natural world. Your native plants will help bolster insects that pollinate our crops, which will fuel birds, which will migrate to wild areas or farmlands, which will fuel everyone from house cats to bobcats and more.

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garden during plant sale

Celebrate Spring With HGNC’s Plant Sale

At our annual plant sale, Hansberry Garden and Nature Center offers seedlings, potted plants, and cut flowers just in time for Mothers’ Day. It features native plants, which play a key role in keeping our ecosystem healthy.

Spring Gathering Scheduled for April 2

The Hansberry Garden and Nature Center, located at the corner of Wayne and Hansberry Avenues in Southwest Germantown, will hold its annual Spring Gathering membership event at the New Hope Temple Baptist Church (in the building formerly occupied by Calvary Episcopal Church), 5020 Pulaski Ave., from 1 – 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 2.