The Plant Sale is Online!

photo:pots of pepper seedlings

Order online, pick up at the garden. But it might be handy to bring some cash.

In order to control traffic at the garden, we’re selling plants online this year, and when you’ve ordered, you’ll be asked to make an appointment to pick up your purchases on Saturday, May 8, between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. BUT … as usual, we’ve received donations right up to the last minutes, so a few choice items may not have made it onto the website by the time you shop. If one of these unsold items strikes your fancy while you’re there, we’ll happily accept cash or credit for it.

And there’s a bake sale!

So be prepared to pick up a few extra things.

A few things about using the site:

We hope it works well for you. Please note, if you have trouble finding things, that there’s a menu on the right-hand side of the page that lists all the product categories. Also, each item is tagged with certain descriptions (“succulents, ferns, gift items,” etc.), and those tags, along with its product categories, are listed on its product page. They’re links — indicated by orangeish type — and if you click on one of these tags, you’ll see all the other items with the same tag. We call that metadata, my friends, and I can’t claim that it’s exhaustive (it was, I admit, somewhat hastily done), but I hope it helps more than it hinders.

Oh, and the sale site is at It’s also linked from a little button in the middle of our homepage.

If you have a problem with the site that you just can’t work out, or you need to make alternate arrangements to pick your items up, give me (Claudia) a call at (267) 225-8217. But I warn you that I’ll be turning off my phone at 10 p.m. Thursday and 8 p.m. Friday, so you may leave a message if your problem occurs at night.

The plant sale is more fun when we’re face to face, and I hope we don’t have to do another online version. In fact, I hope that we’ll be able to have at least one more plant sale this year, once we’re all vaccinated. And we have many more plants than I anticipated, so I imagine we’ll have some left over. We’ll keep selling them for a few hours at a time; keep an eye out for notice of our open hours.

Again, here are a few of our offerings:

  • Some glorious hanging baskets that will make impressive gifts (for somebody’s mom, perhaps)
  • A nice collection of native North American perennials
  • A few “market packs” of bedding annuals to brighten up your borders and planters
  • Perennials suited to sunny places and Germantown shade
  • Herbs in enormous quantity, priced to sell, including some mix-and-match decorative culinary herbs that can double as ground covers
  • A wide variety of tomatoes, including some large (well over a foot) plants as well as many sweet little seedlings
  • Peppers, both hot and sweet
  • A few garden eggs — an African variety of small eggplant that is sweet enough to eat raw
  • Cucumbers, squash, and okra
  • American holly and other trees and shrubs
  • Houseplants, including variegated ficus, philodendron, jade plants, aloe, rosette succulents, and parlor palms
  • Lovely pots to contain those plants
  • Much more!

The online sale will open at www.hansberry on May 6; after a members’ preview in the morning, the sale will be open to the public in the afternoon. After you place an order, you’ll be asked to choose a time between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday, May 8, to pick up your order at the garden. We look forward to seeing you (after all this time), and we hope you’ll come back to the garden many times this year!