The Great Food Migration: A Presentation by Chef Valerie Erwin

photo: dreadlocked woman in kitchen

Legendary Germantown chef Valerie Erwin will explore the culinary effects of the 20th century’s Great Migration of African Americans from the South to urban centers like Philadelphia in a presentation at Hansberry Garden & Nature Center on Sunday, Sept. 18, at 1 p.m.

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Valerie Erwin is a Philadelphia chef and social-justice activist and a longtime resident of Germantown (she’s an alumna of Germantown High School). For 12 years she owned the critically acclaimed Geechee Girl Rice Cafe. Geechee Girl featured the food of the Low Country of South Carolina and Georgia, where her grandparents were born. She now manages a food access program for a small local foundation.

Erwin does programs and presentations on both Philadelphia and Low Country foodways, on the importance of local food and on the intersection of food and culture. She has been featured in nationally circulated publications and television shows.