That Talk About the Birds and the Bees: Pollinators and Native Plants

photo of bee on echinacea flower

That talk about the birds and the bees doesn’t have to be awkward — if it’s about actual birds and bees.

On Wednesday, July 12, at 6:30 p.m., Penn State Master Gardener Adam Eyring will offer a free workshop, “Pollinator and Native Plants,” at Hansberry Garden & Nature Center.

Learn why pollinator gardens are not only important to our ecosystem, but are also sources of joy for those who grow them. You can also learn how to reap some of that joy as Adam shares tips for care and examples of plants of different colors and sizes with an emphasis on shade-loving plants and plants for containers.

Adam Eyring is a water-quality scientist as well as a Master Gardener. He has been coordinating the care of pollinator gardens at Awbury Arboretum and Norris Square Neighborhood Project.

Photo of Bee and flower: “Delaware Agriculture,” by Michele Dorsey Walfred. Photo of Adam Eyring by Adam Eyring.