Hansberry Garden Expands Outreach with Four Public Workshops

Hansberry Garden and Nature Center, a community resource for fresh food and environmental education in Southwest Germantown, is extending its public outreach program this season with a series of four workshops. The workshops, all free and open to the public, cover topics of particular interest to urban gardeners — but also to those who are interested in the safety and quality of the produce they eat. All will be conducted at the Hansberry Garden and Nature Center, 5150 Wayne Ave., Philadelphia Pa.

Upcoming Free Workshops

  • Workshop Offers Hints for Successful Gardening

    Workshop Offers Hints for Successful GardeningExpert gardener and longtime Hansberry Garden member Janet Peterman will offer a primer for urban gardeners, drawing on years of experience to outline the practices that have allowed her and other HGNC members to make bountiful donations to the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s City Harvest program year after year. Read more »
  • Soil Safety Workshop

    Soil Safety WorkshopAt the Soil Safety Workshop, the Farm Philly program’s Jasmine Hamilton will educate participants about the risk of pollutants in urban soil, the best practices for gardening safely and what resources exist to support their projects. Read more »
  • Land Access Workshop

    Land Access WorkshopThe Land Access Workshop will teach participants how to gain legal access to land for gardens and farms and and introduce them to resources that can support their projects. Read more »
  • Water Workshop

    Water WorkshopYour Philadelphia water depends on your watershed, the natural and urban water cycle and your treatment plant. This workshop will cover these topics and explain how the Senior Environment Corps tests water quality in Philadelphia. Read more »
  • Introduction to Beekeeping

    Introduction to BeekeepingEveryone is buzzing about the upcoming “Introduction to Beekeeping” workshop at Hansberry Garden and Nature Center. Experienced Beekeeper Chris Mendel, who chairs HGNC’s Landscape and Maintenance Committee, will offer tips to beginning beekeepers. Read more »
  • Workshop: We Drink the River!

    Workshop: We Drink the River!On Saturday, July 23, from 11 a.m. to noon, Philadelphia Water Department Educator Dottie Baumgarten will talk about the land/water connection and “best practices” for protecting our rivers. Read more »
  • Learn How to Get a Free Rain Barrel at Rain Check Workshop August 1

    Learn How to Get a Free Rain Barrel at Rain Check Workshop August 1Philadelphia Water (PWD) believes that everyone can make a difference in transforming Philadelphia into a greener city with clean water. PWD’s Rain Check program gives Philadelphia residents an opportunity to reduce pollution that would otherwise end up in our creeks and rivers. Read more »
  • Preparing the Garden for Winter

    Preparing the Garden for WinterAs our growing season begins to wane, it’s time to think about preparing our beds for winter. Experienced gardener Janet Peterman offers a few tips for fall cleanup and winter prep that benefit you and your fellow gardeners. According to our membership agreement, Hansberry gardeners must clean out their beds by Nov. 1. If you wish ...Read more »