Member Volunteers Dominate Tend the Garden Day

photo: people working in community garden

At our first Tend the Garden Day of 2024, an impressive turnout of members meant that we accomplished a great deal on a sometimes raw, windy day.

Landscape and Maintenance Co-Chairs Dan and Heather led an effort to repair some planting beds that needed maintenance, while Meena spearheaded a very efficient operation to distribute a pile of wood chips to the pathways between beds onto cardboard contributed by several members. The pile of wood chips, which has been in place since last fall, was completely destroyed, and we now have room for a potential delivery of compost. Breah whacked a lot of weeds, and Dave and Brenda carted some decorative bricks to the firepit. Finally, Max repaired one of the gates.

Many thanks to Dan, Heather, Meena, Bonnie, Brenda, Kelly, Claudia, Breah, Ann, Sandra, Caryn, Zoe, Stephanye, Dave, Max, and Janet!