Sunday 4/14 Update: Beds Turned, Tomato Structure Raised

photo: structure made of PVS pipes in raised garden bed

At our Sunday afternoon work meeting, we cleared and turned beds A5, B5, and D4.

The PVC tomato trellis was erected in bed D4. This makes D4 the third tomato bed, in addition to A12 and C5, in which we placed walls o water last week, but A12 and C5 will contain other plants as well as tomatoes. D4 gets partial shade when the trees are leafed out, and B5, which is sunnier, was considered as the tomato bed, but  it has been heavily cultivated with tomatoes for several years, so we settled on D4.

Tiny collard seedlings were planted in A5, on the shady side, after the ground was moistened. Napa Cabbage seedlings, leftovers from the City Harvest distribution, were planted at the other end of A5.

The changes have been noted in the 2024 Collective Planting Chart.