Canna “The President”


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With brilliant flowers and giant leaves reminiscent of banana trees, cannas bring the feel of the tropics to temperate Philadelphia. They are not cold-tolerant enough to overwinter as perennials here in the Mid-Atlantic region, but if you dig up their rhizomes before the first hard frost, you can store them inside until spring, plant them, and expect another season of tropical glory in your garden.

Rhizomes are sold packaged in bags. The number indicated is the number of medium-sized, mature rhizomes in the bag; each bag will also contain a few small rhizomes that are not expected to bloom this year but may grow large enough to bloom next year, if retrieved. A few have already been planted in potting soil: they will need to be transplanted, but have a head start because they’re already rooted.

Extra large = 3 rhizomes in potting soil
Large= 3 rhizomes in a bag
Medium = 2 rhizomes in a bag
Small = 1 rhizome in a bag


Extra-large, Large, Medium, Small