Yellow archangel is the common name of Lamiastrum galeobolon, an herbaceous perennial plant used as a low-growing ornamental. Lamiastrum means “resembling Lamium“, referring to the similar-looking deadnettles that are also grown as ornamental ground covers. 

Galeobdolon blooms for a few weeks in mid-spring, with a few flowers produced sporadically later in the year. The soft yellow flowers are borne in leafy inflorescences called verticillasters (resembling whorls but actually arising in the axils of opposite bracts; the tip continues to grow, producing more rings of flowers up the stem).

Yellow archangel is easily grown in most conditions from part sun to full shade in many types of soil. Although it prefers moist soil and growth will be more dense under those conditions, it tolerates drought and dry sites. Silver-variegated trailing forms can be used in hanging baskets or to make a dense ground cover that out-competes most other plants.