Sunday 4/21 Update: 14 Tomatoes Planted!

photo: Four women planting

On a cloudy Sunday, 14 tomatoes moved from Heather and Claudia’s basement to walls o’ water that had been placed in beds A12 and C5 several weeks ago.

The air inside the walls o’ water was noticeably warmer than the air temperature outside. We dug a hole in each one and added compost and some organic fertilizer (Elliott Coleman’s base fertilizer recipe). Finally we put about a teaspoon of granular mycorrhizae in each hole before placing the plants, which had been dipped in a solution of water and Regalia biofungicide. Each plant was then treated to a thorough watering.

Radishes, which should ripen by June, were planted between the tomatoes in A12. Some lettuce was planted in D7 beside the peas.

Old-Timey Blue Collards, Green Glaze Collards, and Willem’s Blauwe Groninger Kale were planted in A5.

The changes have been noted in the 2024 Collective Planting Chart.