Tend the Garden Day, June 9: Let’s Beautify Our Space!

Photo of Aquilegia vulgaris by Peter Rühr from Wikimedia Commons.
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Hansberry Garden & Nature Center has made significant capital improvements over the last few years. Many of our projects have been accomplished by the sweat of our collective brow, at our monthly “Tend the Garden Days.” We’ve dug and hauled a lot of rubble left over from the house that once occupied the property; we’ve poured concrete and spread gravel and built tables. But we’re delighted to announce that the Tend the Garden Day this Saturday, June 8, will be primarily devoted to … gardening!

Starting at 9 a.m., we’ll be showing some love to the flower beds around the fence, which have been somewhat neglected while we focused on more permanent structures. We’ll weed them, plant beautiful new native perennials, and perhaps even mulch!

Garden members are required to participate in at least three Tend the Garden Days per season, and June is a lovely time to be in the garden. You need not commit to the whole three-hour stretch to participate; we can easily find something for you to do for an hour! If you’re not quite up to digging, we can assign a less-physical task. Neighbors and friends are also welcome to stop by and lend a hand. Folks who stop by the following week for our potluck dinner or Open Air Open Mic series will surely appreciate your work.